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Advertising in the internet is a much more effective way of reaching your target audience. Everyone can access the web now so invest in websites to market your product, service or company.

Teaching Accessibility has proven its viability in reaching an online audience of teachers, educators, online learners and technology enthusiasts. You can reach them through advertising in our blog.

Here are some of the ways you can reach our readers:

Banner Ads

You can place your banner or image advertisement on our site. When readers click this advertisement, it will direct them to your site.

Text Link Ads

You can place your advertisement in some of the related texts in our articles. Once the reader clicks the word, it will direct them to your company website, product or service.

Sponsored Posts

This is one of the most effective forms of advertisement in which you will sponsor one of our posts. We can also make content related to your company, product or service.


You can also sponsor a giveaway product or service to the readers who click your link or your ads.

Video Marketing

Lastly, you can provide a promotional video which can be played on loop in some portions of our site.

The advertising is completely self-service. You can buy advertising and submit your banner for approval using this page. Further, Teaching Accessibility provides you custom-tailored services for all your advertising needs. There are many ways we can advertise your business. Talk to us now!