The Rising Popularity of Online Learning and its Advantages

Taking online classes has risen popularity among students because of the advantages it offers. Whether you are looking to work for an IT Support Company in Edinburgh or become a teacher. Students who study online told that they have more time to do other things, like working. Today, there are almost three million students currently enrolled fully online while six million are taking online courses.

The question is: “What are the advantages of learning online than that of traditional school?”

Variety of programs and courses

Unlike a traditional four-year course in a university, online learning gives you the freedom to learn anything you want. Online learning provides a wide variety of programs and courses which can be taken anytime you want. After accomplishing the course, you will be merited an online academic certificate or degree.

Lower costs

Most of the offerings in online learning are much cheaper than going to traditional school. Moreover, there are no commuting costs and other expenses we make when we go to school. Since all the resources are found on the internet, you also do not have to buy textbooks and materials to accomplish a requirement.

More comfortable learning environment

A regular student has to follow a daily routine from home to school, wearing a uniform and bringing bags of books. While online learning can be done even if you are on your favorite pajamas. Everything is done online – lectures and assignments. So you have all the benefit of doing your learning from the comfort of your home.

Time flexible

A traditional school gives you your schedule. In online learning, you are free to plan your study time and your rest day. Students can work in the morning and study in the evening. The course materials are always accessible anytime, so there’s no need to follow a strict time schedule.

Improve your technical skills

Now, it is more advantageous for a person with technical skills because of the modernization which leads to automation and computerization of almost all operations. Through online learning, you can improve your understanding with a computer and can help you navigate through different systems. You can also participate in online courses about video editing, web coding and more.

Avoid commuting

Probably, this is one of the perks of studying online, you do not have to travel to go to your school. You don’t have to endure traffic, find parking spaces, miss important family time and leave work early to go to class. Plus, you avoid the risk of accidents and natural disasters.


The Vision of Artificial Intelligence and how it can Improve Education

Technology is indeed an essential indicator of human progress. Every day, there is a new discovery that would unfold another chapter of the world’s modernization. As computers get smarter each day, it may reach the level in which it may use an artificial intelligence (AI). Artificial intelligence is a vision in science in which machines can exhibit intelligence rather than humans. Despite doubts about its future existence, artificial intelligence promises advancements that could improve education:

Virtual Education

As a smart and interactive machine, artificial intelligence can make the learning of an individual much more creative through various materials including videos, graphs, photos and presentations of the lecture. AI can take the teaching strategy to a whole new level through bringing the digital experience to the student.

Personalized Learning

AI can provide a personalized learning system in which the computer or the AI machine can provide much time on the individual learning. The AI can address solely on the individual’s strengths and weaknesses. Through this, the AI can determine if the individual has really learned.

Intelligent Moderation

Unlike a classroom setting in which students are obliged to follow a pre-determined syllabus, AI can create customized lecture plan and module. AI will make sure that the student has really understood the lesson before moving on to another discussion.

Real-Time Assessment

It takes time for teachers to evaluate the performance of their students. On the other hand, AI can provide real time evaluation in which it can automatically determine if there are mistakes or areas which the student could possible improve. It can also immediately assess the problem-solving skills of the individual.

Machine Translation

Being an intelligent machine, AI is expected to know various languages. This can be perfect for everyone in the world as AI can manage to adjust to the culture and language of its student. This will address the learning gap between educators and learners with different cultures.


AI can grant education experience to our brothers and sisters who have not experienced education due to cases like oppression, disability, and poverty. Through this, these communities will be empowered and can enjoy the benefits of an educated person.…

5 Transformative Contributions of Technology to Education  

Technology has brought many advancements in our way of living. It has drastically improved various fields in the world, especially education. Today, education has been more convenient for students and teachers have been more efficient because of the rise of technology. Here are the five contributions of technology to education that improved the way of learning:

Online Resources

Gone are the days when students have to gather books, encyclopedia, journals, and publications to gather information about a matter. Now, in just a single click, the Internet feeds you with thousands of online resources where you can get accurate and essential information.

Multimedia Learning

Learning has never been this convenient now in which educators use televisions, projectors screens, gadgets and computers in teaching their students. Multimedia learning encompasses visual, auditory and kinesthetic capacities which make learning for students easier. Moreover, teaching materials now involve digital presentations, animations, narrations, and videos, among others.

Learning Software

Since the computer age, there have been millions of software used to widen the skills of the students. This software specializes in various areas including multimedia production, bookkeeping, accounting, and engineering which includes how to work with strapping & banding tools, among others. These tools helped students to arrive with more accurate results and productive outputs.


Schools have gradually transitioned from the use of books to tablet learning. The learning materials are in form of electronic books. Instead of having actual books, students can access their lessons and accomplish their assignments in their tablets where their learning materials are downloaded. Since e-books are easier to produce, they are sold much lesser than books. This makes learning easy for students without the burden of carrying five to 10 books every day.

Social sharing

The rise of social media has also helped students improve their learning. Various social media platforms allow connecting with each other. Technology has upgraded communication in which students can share knowledge and information instantly through social media. The platform also allows them to send learning materials easier.

Undeniably, technology has transformed education in a way that it has improved the students’ way of learning. The acquisition of information is much faster and the accuracy of the lessons are on point.…